Live Your Dreams of being a Real Cowboy!

Welcome to the Rockin’ R Ranch, a real old-west working Utah dude ranch where cowboys brand cattle, grow and harvest crops, and know how to have fun when the work is done.

As our guest, you’re invited to experience one of the last remaining strongholds of the American West! Whether you soar back in time with us for a few days or an entire week, the rejuvenating atmosphere at the Rockin’ R Dude Ranch is sure to fill your soul.

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Single Occupancy $259.00
Double Occupancy $399.00 (199.50/person)
Triple Occupancy $525.00 (175.00/person)
Quad Occupancy $615.00 (153.75/person)
Ages 4 and under are free. Price does not include sales tax.

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Cowboy and Dude Ranch Vacations

The American West and its truly unique way of life are alive and thriving in the panoramic color country of Southern Utah where horses and cattle still far outnumber the human population and the remnants of the Old West can be seen at every turn. We invite you to become part of the American West and participate in its rich tradition—a tradition that has become famous throughout the world.

Cattle ranching has changed very little since the mid-1800’s, and the Old West atmosphere still permeates every aspect of life on our modern cattle ranch where guests are invited to participate in a genuine ranch experience while working and playing alongside our Rockin’ R wranglers. The Rockin’ R Dude Ranch is famous for its special home-style hospitality that has long been noted as the trademark of the Rocky Mountain West. Everyone is welcome at the Ranch: adults, teenagers, and children. After a taste of western hospitality and real-life adventures, your Rockin’ R Ranch vacation is one that will not be easily forgotten.

There is no better way than on horseback to experience the grandeur of nature’s paintbrush in full glory. Turn back your calendar, leave your 21st Century troubles and cares behind, and ride with us on the back trails of the unforgettable American Southwest. Experience nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed: on horseback. Whether you’re relishing a leisurely ride through the meadows and hills behind the Ranch, galloping after a runaway calf on one of our authentic cattle drives, or trying your hand at barrel racing and pole bending in our riding arena, you’ll have a great adventure, and perhaps learn a little more about yourself in the process.

The Wild West is within your reach. This vacation, you can be the one on the horse by day and sitting around the campfire at night gazing into a sky filled with more stars than you ever imagined. See what adventures await you on the horizon at the Rockin’ R Ranch, the West’s finest dude ranch!

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