Horseback Riding

Whether you’re an experienced horseback rider or it’s your first time in the saddle, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for! Beginners can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the grounds of the Ranch–and riders with more experience will have opportunities for different guided rides in the surrounding meadows, foothills and mountains. We have trail rides for beginners, intermediate and more advanced riders. Then if you are looking to buy a horse then there are some great places online that list horses for sale so you can browse sites like that to find some wonderful horses for sale.  

It doesn’t stop there, either: we’ll teach you how to brush your mare, saddle your steed, and feed the team so they’re ready to be put through the paces. We’ll even be happy to make arrangements for your own rodeo that you can participate in.

Please note that all riders will be required to wear close-toed shoes (no sandals) and long pants. Riders must be at least 8 years old in order to go on a horseback trail ride.  Younger children will have opportunities to ride in the arena while being helped by one of our wranglers.  The weight limit for horseback riders is 230 lbs.



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