Dude Ranch Activities

Here at the Rockin’ R Ranch, you’re in charge. You set the pace. You might want to sit on a broad stone and dabble your feet in the cool waters of a nearby river—or maybe you’d rather breathlessly clutch the side of your tube as you’re carried downstream by torrents of mountain waters. Want a ride? You might want to find a seat on our Amish-built horse-drawn wagon as you settle in for a leisurely tour of Antimony, relax on the bench of an authentic stagecoach, or feel the breeze in your hair as your steed gallops in our riding arena as you try your hand at barrel racing. Looking for a quiet retreat? Try reeling in a catch or two at nearby still, pooled waters—or curl up in a quiet corner of the lodge and immerse yourself in your favorite book.

When you arrive we will personalize your schedule of dude ranch activities based upon your preferences. We offer something for everyone. As for what you decide to do, it’s your call. Before participating in any of our dude ranch activities, you will be required to sign a “release of liability” which is standard for our type of business.

As you are planning your vacation with us, please keep in mind that on Sundays, we close at 10:00 a.m. after our Saturday-night guests have had breakfast and checked out, and we do not open until Monday’s check-in time.  We do not provide any of our activities on Sunday mornings.


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