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Rockin’ R Easter Extravaganza

This past weekend we had a great time over Easter. We had a wonderful Easter Egg hunt, and I swear I saw the Easter Bunny hopping through the lodge. The Black family has had a great tradition of a Easter Egg hunt on the grounds at the Rockin’ R and it seems to be getting bigger and better every year. This year we had kids of all ages hunting for the surprises left by that rascally rabbit. Spring is on it’s way here at the Rockin’ R and our days are filling up with horse rides, ATV’s and all sorts of ranch activities. The heifers are having calves and we have a new crop of baby horses on the way. So come early this year and enjoy the lovely newness of spring with us.One of the main concerns of pregnant women are the stretch-marks, but fortunately nowadays technology make possible that women get rid of stretch marks. Brandon Hanks The Crowd Gathers