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Kamikazi & Ari: Part 3

Read ‘Kamikazi & Ari: Part 1’ and ‘Kamikazi & Ari: Part 2’ first!

During delivery, Kamikazi’s foal had injured her causing major pain and discomfort. This is why she was so nervous and wouldn’t let her foal drink for a while. She was in a lot of pain and didn’t want anything, including her own baby trying to eat after she had just had a traumatic foaling. We had finally figured out what was causing her unusual behavior! We began calling vet clinics in the area to ask what we should do to help her heal properly.

The concern of many of the vets we talked to was not only the area healing properly but the preventative measures we would need to take so she wouldn’t get an infection. An infection would have been deadly for Kamikazi. Through patience, time, and lots of gloves we are happy to say that Kamikazi made it through this process with no problems or infection! She went to a vet for surgery last Fall and is back to her old self.

If we hadn’t given her foal the colostrum she needed and monitored Kamikazi closely that following day we may not have had a happy ending for either of these horses. We are so grateful for the people who helped out with this foaling! Kamikazi and Ari are both doing great and it’s all thanks to those who were there throughout the ordeal. Also, shoutout to Lindsey, a previous Rockin’ R employee who picked the name Ari for this young filly!

Thanks for all who read ‘Kamikazi & Ari: Parts 1, 2, and 3′! We hope you come back to hear more about what goes on at the Rockin’ R Ranch!