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Have your summer family vacation travel plans been cancelled leaving you scrambling for something else to do this summer?  Are you tired of Zoom meetings and all the screen time you and your kids have had the last few months? Do you just need to get away from technology and take time to really connect as a family?  Are you avoiding air travel right now and looking for family road trip ideas?  Do you enjoy wide open spaces and great adventures? 

If any of these questions rings true with you, then a dude ranch vacation may be just what you’re looking for. Pack up your car and hit the road for a fun Utah family vacation. A dude ranch is usually found in a rural location, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds of the city.  We often call the Rockin’ R Ranch in Antimony, Utah, a sanctuary. A place to put down your phone and enjoy time outdoors. Antimony is about as small as a town can be, with a population of 125 people, give or take, who are outnumbered many times over by horses, cows, and other livestock. The Rockin’ R features a beautiful pine lodge designed for guests and visitors as a unique location for a true western vacation. 

The Rockin’ R Ranch is known for being a great family reunion venue, family road trip destination, or just a place to go to enjoy the great outdoors. The dude ranch is about three hours from the Salt Lake Valley and four hours from Las Vegas. It’s the perfect destination for your last minute road trip this summer.  Even better, it’s easy to social distance here, although we prefer the term “physical distance”.  We welcome the social aspect and provide visitors with western activities, amenities and more for an authentic dude ranch vacation.

Experience Life on a Real Dude Ranch this Summer

Summer is upon us and given the current circumstances many are dealing with cancelled summer vacation plans. Though it may seem disheartening, we’ve got a solution. Dare we say a solution that could be even more memorable than the vacation you previously planned. The Rockin’ R Ranch is a retreat like no other, a place where you can turn off your electronic devices, slow down, and enjoy face-to-face conversations with family members.  You can build relationships while enjoying activities you’ll remember for years to come.  Horseback riding, of course, is the main event at our guest ranch in Southern Utah. Whether you’ve ridden a horse for years or are getting on a horse for the first time, we will adapt the riding to your skill level to provide the best experience. 

Let us paint a picture for you. Imagine riding your horse through the meadows and fields and up into the hills and mountains behind the lodge at Rockin R where you’ll look down over the valley below to a view that is guaranteed not to disappoint. If you’re up for a challenge you can test your speed on your horse as you weave in and out of the poles in the arena or race around the barrels.  For intermediate and advanced riders who want our most authentic cowboy experience, consider a cattle drive vacation.  We offer three cattle drives (two nights and four nights) each year.  You’ll  have the chance to camp at our Cow Camp in the mountains, help herd cattle and learn how to be a real cowhand. 

 The Rockin’ R Activities and Amenities are Endless

Maybe you would rather test your skills as you aim for the target’s bullseye with your bow and arrow at our archery range or lasso one of our “calf heads”  while learning the ropes, literally.  A leisurely wagon ride through our small town may be just what you’re looking for while you learn some of the history of Antimony, Utah.  Young and old alike will enjoy our activities. Check out more information on the many dude ranch activities we offer at the Rockin’ R Ranch. 

At the Rockin’ R Ranch, you are not limited to just the activities we offer either.  If you like to fish, you’ll find some of the best trout fishing ever on nearby streams and Otter Creek Lake.  If you bring ATV’s, dirt bikes, or mountain bikes, you’ll find miles and miles of nearby trails for riding.  Scenic Bryce Canyon National Park is only 45 minutes from the Ranch. The possibilities are endless.

Lodging and meals are also included in your dude ranch experience at the Rockin’ R.  Our guest accommodations are beautiful.  A comfortable guest room with a private bathroom in our large three-story, western-themed lodge awaits you after a day full of activities.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are delicious home-style cooking so you’re sure not to go hungry.  Our gift shop sells refreshing ice cream cones for hot summer afternoons and other snacks for your enjoyment.  

Rockin’ R Ranch Protocol During Covid-19

The safety of our guests has always been a top priority at the Rockin’ R Ranch.  And now with the current circumstances throughout the world, it’s become even more front and center in the way we are conducting our business this season.  Our cleaning protocol is more intense than ever as we keep the lodge clean, especially the common areas of the lodge.  We are encouraging frequent hand washing of guests and staff, and we have plenty of hand sanitizer at the lodge entrances.  All of our activities are outdoors, which makes physical distancing even easier.  Our food preparation and serving areas are mindful of safety, and there is plenty of dining area for you to spread out between families while you eat. For questions regarding lodging for our 2020 season, feel free to contact us. We would love to speak with you. 

Plan an Unforgettable Family Summer Vacation

As you plan for your summer vacation  this year, although things around the world may be a little different right now, wonderful family bonding experiences are still available nearby.  The Rockin’ R Ranch would like to be part of your next family road trip.  When you sit around our campfire at night roasting marshmallows and talking about the day’s activities, don’t forget to look up into the sky where you’ll see more stars that you ever knew existed.  It will take your breath away.  Who knew that social distancing could be so enjoyable?  Reserve your spot now at the Rockin’ R Ranch.  A horse is waiting for you.