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Cowman’s Prayer

Cowman‘s Prayer Now, O Lord, please lend me thine ear, The prayer of a cattleman to hear, No doubt the prayers may seem strange, But I want you to bless our cattle range. Bless the round-ups year by year, And don’t forget the growing steer; Water the lands with brooks and rills For my cattle that roam on a thousand hills. Prairie fires, won’t you please stop? Let thunder roll and water drop. It frightens me to see the smoke; Unless it’s stopped, I’ll go dead broke. As you, O Lord, my herd behold, It represents a sack of gold; I think at least five cents a pound Will be the price of beef the year around. One thing more and then I’m through,— Instead of one calf, give my cows two. I may pray different from other men But I’ve had my say, and now, Amen. Author: unknown