The Rockin R Welcome to the Rockin R Ranch Blog. We are really excited about doing this so all you folks can see the day to day life of our ROCKIN’ R life. Not only are we a Guest/Dude Ranch we are also a working Cattle Ranch. As you can see on our website we are into having a ton of fun. But if you don’t believe me you can check out the season opener of Little People/Big World. They came out to the Rockin R and had a blast. In the episode it shows them riding horses, ATVing, mutton busting, and going to Bryce Canyon(which is located only 45 min away from the Ranch). They had a great time!

The Ranch is a great place to live and is located in beautiful Antimony, UT. The population is only about 150 people or so.

We hope that if you have been to the Ranch that you will post some comments on here. We want to hear from all our past guests, employees, and friends.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Brandon & Brandi Hanks

Rockin’ R Ranch Mangers

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