The wonderful weather continues as Christmas winds down and the New Year approaches. We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas vacation, but are very happy to be back in full swing down here at the Rockin’ R.

The Holidays are a time to appreciate all the wonderful things that we have been blessed with. Here at the Ranch we are blessed with the opportunity to celebrate in a small town where everybody knows everybody with great traditions and celebrating the holidays. Here you can look 3 Ways to Help Homebound Seniors Keep Holiday Traditions.

Antimony, Utah, has a population of only 126 people or so. We are able to experience what small-town life is all about. The old-fashioned values that have set the American West apart from everywhere else in the world still exist here. Brandi and I feel blessed to be able be a part of this special atmosphere that doesn’t exist in many places around the world any longer. And the best part about living here is that we are able to share this with you.

When you visit the Rockin’ R, you are transported to another time. A time without cell phones, television, video games. A time where families worked together all day, ate dinner together at night, sat around the campfire and talked about their hopes and dreams. It was a time of horse and saddle, not GPS navigation systems in your SUV.

The people that have come and stayed with us are able to leave here with a feeling of “how things used to be”. My holiday wish is that everyone can experience this feeling, if only for a little while.

The Rockin’ R is a great place for hunters and ice fisherman. Otter Creek is only 5 miles down the road and they say that the fishing is really good right now.We have had some cow elk hunters stay with us the past couple of weeks. THE WINTER RATES ARE SUPER!

So come on down and experience a little of the American West.

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

Brandon & Brandi Hanks

Rockin’ RÂ Managers

Hard work during the holidays

Hard work during the holidays

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