The Rockin’ R is not only a world class guest ranch, but also a working cattle ranch and during this time of year the cows are usually all snug and cozy in their corrals. However, when Creston (the owner) counted the cattle a few days ago he discovered that we were short about 40 head. We have all taken turns, over the last couple of days, going out into the Mountains to search for these strays. Yesterday, my wife and I put on our long johns, and went out to look for our lost bovines (don’t worry, we also wore pants, sweatshirts and coats).

We saddled the horses and off we went. Our destination was Hidden Springs, a beautiful natural spring , nestled deep in a rocky canyon. Because the country is so vast we decided to ride in different directions. I went north and my wife headed west. In the end we only found 9 cows, but it was an awesome experience. The snow was deep and all the water was frozen. It is very different being up in the hills during the winter time. The world is very hushed and tranquil. The only thing one hears is the sound of your horse breathing and his hoofs crunching in the snow. It seemed that even the cattle didn’t want to break the silence and remained quiet as we pushed them down towards the ranch. I felt like we had moved back in time.

I am always a little saddened when we finally return to the ranch. It is hard to return to the business of life after experiencing the hush & tranquility that the winter mountains bring.

Brandon Hanks Rockin R Cattle

One thought on “Cows, cows and more cows!

  1. Laura

    I am absolutely jealous of the experience to live on that beautiful ranch all year long. The ride you described sounds pristine. I know what you mean about wanting to resist the ride back to reality sometimes.
    My favorite morning on the ranch was on an early morning run I went on in September. It had been thundering through the night, and when I stepped outside to head out on my run it was so still, and a thick layer of fog rested in the distance. It took my breath away. I decided to run toward it. Like you said, it seemed like even the animals knew to be extra still that morning. I ran toward the fog and eventually ended up in the thick of it, where a fine mist cooled my skin and I couldn’t clearly see anything more than ten feet in front of me. I stopped running and just stood and closed my eyes for a while. For me, it was a spiritual experience. I could have stayed nestled in that blanket of fog all morning.
    By the time I made it back to the ranch, the sun was coming up over the hills and warming up the land. The fog thinned out and disappeared. I wouldn’t rather have been anywhere else in the world that morning.

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