Black Family Reunion Registration

Whether or not you are attending, we want our Black Family Directory to have accurate information, so please complete the following address and family information:



Names of Children: (Please list all of your children. If they have their own families and/or addresses, please have them complete their own form.)

For those attending the Black Family Reunion on August 26-28, 2016, please complete the following:

Names of family members attending the reunion: (Do not include your family members who have their own families. They need to complete their own forms.)

Lodging Information:

As you probably know, most of our rooms have two beds: some with two queens, some with two doubles, and some with one queen and one double. Earlier this year we remodeled our third floor and changed the rooms with two doubles to rooms with one queen and one double, or one queen and a double/twin bunkbed (sleeping five). The queen will make it more comfortable for the parents. We have two rooms that have one queen bed and a triple-decker bunkbed. So if you want one of these rooms, respond quickly. Please request the room that will work best for your family below. Those who respond first will have first choice of rooms and are more apt to get the rooms with queen-size beds. The cost below is not only for lodging, but also for the ranch activities. The cost is the same whether you stay one night or two nights.

Ranch Activities

This year, we’re doing things a little differently. We want to plan more time to take advantage of the activities that the Rockin’ R normally provides for family reunions. We’ll still be doing some of our Black Family Traditions, like the snow cones, cotton candy, crafts, a family evening program, and our Sunday-morning devotional; and we’ll even be adding one or two new games/activities; but you’ll have more opportunities to participate in the Ranch activities of horseback riding, innertubing down the river, hiking, archery, wagon rides, rodeo, and western dancing. Please help us in the planning of these Ranch activities by letting us know how many in your family will be participating in the following:

Activity:No. of Guests:
Trail Ride   (age 8 and older, less than 280 lbs.)
Kids Rides   (under age 8, or nervous riders of any age)
Wagon Ride   (All ages)
Innertubing     (Age 12 and older)
Hike   (All ages, hike to Antimony Canyon mine or Butch Cassidy's Hideout)
Archery   (All ages)

Additional Comments


We are requesting that all payments be made in advance (by August 12th). When you complete the Registration Form above and submit it, you will be emailed back a confirmation with the amount you owe and the address to mail your check and, if you prefer, the phone number to call and pay by Visa or Mastercard (there will be a $5 fee for paying by credit card). We will also allow you to pay all of the fees in one payment (rather than paying the reunion fee separately).

Reunion Fee: (We have reduced the reunion fee this year. It covers the cost of directories, crafts, treats, and prizes.):

  • $10 per couple
    $ 5 per single adult age 22 and older
    $ 2 per child between age 3 and 21

Lodging & Ranch Activities Fee:

  • Price depends upon which lodging option you chose above.

Meal Fee: (Includes 6 meals from lunch on Friday until breakfast on Sunday.)

$35 per person           Ages 10 and older
$25 per person Ages 3 to 9
Free Age 2 and under

The Rockin’ R Ranch employees do a wonderful job of taking care of all of us during our reunion, from the cooks to the wranglers and everyone in-between. We hope that you will consider bringing extra cash to tip the employees that you feel have done an outstanding job. You’re welcome to tip individual employees, but it may be more convenient for you to pay a group tip that the Rockin’ R managers will then divide up between all the employees who help while we are there. Envelopes will be provided at the Front Desk for gratuities. We strongly encourage you to bring enough cash to show the Ranch employees how much you appreciate all they do on your behalf.

We do not want cost to be a factor in deciding whether you can or cannot attend the Black Family Reunion. It's more important to us that you come. If you are unable to pay the full price, please contact Camille at 801-733-9538 or and we'll make adjustments.