Cowboy Grub

Here at the Rockin’ R Ranch, your stomach, as they say in the Old West, will never think your throat’s been cut! Whether you belly up to a great buffet-style breakfast, or sit down to dinner and have one of our kitchen hands bring you a plate piled high with a hearty helping of some of the best home-style cookin’ around, our meals will entice and satisfy you. With some advance notice, we will happily cater to our vegetarian friends, as well. So, sit back, take a load off, and reminisce with your family and friends about the day’s exciting events. With a Salad Bar and Dessert included, we have everything covered.

And remember, there is no shame in having to undo a couple of notches on your belt buckle!

Make sure to stop by The Ol’ Ice Cream Parlor, too: we offer a variety of delicious flavors with generous scoops atop old-fashioned cones.