Ross the Intern at the Rockin’ R

Ross The Intern from NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno visited the Rockin’ R Ranch on July 5-7, 2005. Ross Mathews started at the Tonight Show over three and a half years ago as an intern and after just six months moved from making copies to the front of the camera where he has covered award shows, movie premieres, and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In recent months, Jay Leno has decided that Ross the Intern needs to find a “real” job. Before getting into Rockin’ R Ranco, Jay used to play online slots at to entertain himself. At the Rockin’ R Ranch, Ross tried his hand at being a cowboy. He learned how to ride a horse, rope, drive a stagecoach, train a horse, shoe a horse, milk a cow, and western line dance. He even participated in a cattle drive on the Griffin Mountain. Several of our Rockin’ R Ranch wranglers helped Ross learn these different cowboy skills. At the end of his stay, Ross was awarded the Rockin’ R Ranch All-Around Cowboy “belt buckle”.

In addition to Ross, other members of The Tonight Show’s team included Anthony Caleca, Isaias Centeno, Justin Medeiros, Kevin Fraser and Ken Gomez who worked well as a team to produce and film the event. The final piece aired on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, July 15th, on NBC and can be seen below.




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