Little People Big World’s Roloff Family Vacations At The Rockin’ R Ranch

The Rockin’ R Ranch hosted the Roloff Family from “Little People, Big World”, a popular reality show on Discovery’s The Learning Channel (TLC).

The Roloff Family consists of six members. The mother and father, Matt and Amy, are little people with four children, Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. Zach is their only child who is also a dwarflike his parents. This popular show – now in its fifth season – captures the day-to-day life of the Roloffs who live on a 34-acre pumpkin farm in Oregon. Their show has brought worldwide attention to little people.

In addition to the Roloff family, the Rockin’ R also welcomed eight film crew members who captured the Roloffs’ every move as they participated in different activities. Horseback riding, of course, was the main even, with the family participating in a cattle drive. Because of physical limitations, Matt was unable to ride a horse for very long, but was able to participate in the cattle drive on an ATV Rhino. He also learned how to drive the Ranch’s stagecoach which was held up by “bandits”.

Other activities the Roloffs participated in include archery, arena activities (where they especially enjoyed learning how to barrel race), skeet shooting (another favorite), western line dancing, cowboy entertainment around a campfire, and early-morning chores.

The Rockin’ R Ranch staff made special accommodations for the Roloffs by adding horse mounts and special stirrups for shorter legs.



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