The Rockin’ R Cowboy College (RRCC) is a program centered on a real-life setting with a positive, supportive environment. In each of the four steps of our program, GREENHORN, TRAILHAND, ACEHIGH TOPHAND, and COWBOY, our students acquire a wide variety of skills. We focus on the things that will help them be successful once they leave the program. Daily, we work on our Cowboy Skills, which include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Basic equine science

  • Western style riding

  • Basic and intermediate horse training

  • Harnessing and driving a team of horses

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Roping and branding

  • Haying (irrigation, mowing, baling, and crop rotation)

  • Leather work

  • Fence repair

Along with our traditional cowboy skills, we set personal goals to help our students grow in other ways as well. We work on the following Life-Skills, as well as others:

  • Goal setting and time management

  • Critical thinking

  • Organizational skills

  • Cooking from scratch

  • Household cleaning and basic maintenance

  • Office work/ basic computer skills

  • Vehicle Maintenance (change a tire, oil, etc.)

  • How to drive a stick shift vehicle

  • How to operate large equipment

  • Gardening

  • CPR and first aid (certification during Step 3)

  • Job preparation (will develop a resume and have the option of applying for a “Mentor” position in Cowboy College or work as a “General Staff” at the Rockin’ R Guest Ranch as part of Step 4)

  • Hospitality training

  • Customer service (Spring-admitted students)

  • Carpentry

  • Academic education (GED/College)

  • Good study habits


Here at the RRCC, we place a high value on education. The classroom may not be the best place to learn about how to rope a steer, but it certainly is good for a few things. We require our students to be enrolled in online, independent study courses working to continue their education. This makes us unique. Our students benefit from our on-site tutors for their online classes, as well as participate in mini-classes taught by our faculty. Just a few of the classes our students can enroll in are:

College Classes-

Biology- Math- Chemistry- Communications- Writing- Geography- Humanities- Computer


Resume building- Equine science- Interviewing- College Prep English

**GED prep classes offered